Nara City Art Project brings both visitors to and residents of Nara together to experience different forms of modern expression like art and theater. In Kotohogu Nara we aim to create new value through people meeting and sharing their thoughts about art. The project is comprised of two programmes.

Creation Programme

Art Programme Director: Yoshinari Nishio

Theater Programme Director: Yutaka Tanoue

Kotohogu Nara is an art project held every year featuring the work of artists active both in Japan and internationally through creation programmes.

Learning Programme

Green Mountain College Principal: Toru Koyamada

Workshop Lecturer: Oriza Hirata



The 4th Kotohogu Nara will be held with the theme ‘food’.

In the Art Programme, EAT & ART TARO, a contemporary artist creating works with food related themes, will be showcasing Rock Confectionary; a selection of sweets resembling rocks from around the Nara area. The artist’s confectioner replaces rocks with sweets and through the act of eating throws into question ideas of value.

In the Theater Programme, director Yutaka Tanoue has asked local residents to tell him their food stories, and has written a screenplay from the findings. Applications and auditions for performers were accepted from residents of the Naranomachi neighborhood in the city. A fresh stage is set for playwright and producer Yutaka Tanoue and the locals to show us a collection of single scenes from different daily lives.

In addition, for the third year we will be implementing a Learning Programme featuring the open education facility Green Mountain College, which was created by artist Toru Koyamada, and an additional workshop from playwright Oriza Hirata.

COVID-19 has steadily altered our lives and the way we see ‘food’. Kotohogu Nara aims at the creation of new value in ancient Nara through modern forms of expression which take themes from the things around us in our daily lives.